Dress Code

Sixth formers are not expected to wear uniform, but they are required to dress smartly and formally.

It is important that the Sixth Form set a good example to the rest of the school at all times, by adhering to this dress code:

  • All clothing should be suitable to be worn as formal business dress in an office
  • There is an expectation that students wear jackets, collar, and tie, with their shirts tucked in.
  • If students decide to wear a skirt it should be worn at an appropriate length, and be of a formal style. (The expectation is that clothing should not be overly tight or revealing and skirts should be worn to the knee)
  • Trousers should be of a formal cut, and of a full length
  • Tops should cover the midriff and shoulders
  • Hair must be of a natural shade
  • Piercings should be in line with school policy (a single ear piercing in each ear)

If you are in any doubts and unsure of what is considered appropriate please ask.

Sixth formers can expect to be sent home if they do not dress appropriately.

6th form uniform 1

6th form uniform 2