Chancellor's School Curriculum Vision

Chancellor's School is proud to be a member of the Danes Educational Trust.

Our School's purpose and vision is drawn from the Trust's statement of curriculum intent.

  • Our curriculum encourages our learners to be active, creative and curious.
  • Our curriculum is broad, balanced, inter-connected and provides support, development and challenge for all.
  • Our curriculum  enables our learners to become successful, adaptable leaders who make the difference in the wider world.

The purpose of the School Curriculum is to develop students of great character and expertise, who are equipped intellectually, socially and personally to achieve and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our students will enjoy life and embrace its many challenges with rigour and positivity. They will possess all the knowledge, understanding and skills to positively contribute and excel academically, in work and in the wider society.

We will do this through high expectations and challenge, creating webs of interconnected ideas and developing the knowledge and skills to address and solve problems logically and thoughtfully, and by focusing on shaping our students holistically so they develop into fully-formed, resilient and thriving individuals.

Our curriculum is therefore carefully constructed with the intent of shaping the whole individual in line with the values of our school and trust. We implement our intentions with academic content underpinned by outstanding classroom pedagogy and a sense of the holistic needs of the child as they grow into capable and successful young adults. We see the impact of our provision not only in excellent intellectual outcomes but in our students’ outstanding personal and social development.

Curriculum Vision

We warmly invite you to explore our curriculum on the following pages. If you have any questions about the Chancellor’s School Curriculum or would like to visit our school please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school at:


  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 We are pleased to announce our Open Evening will be on Thursday 21st September, please see our website for more information Read more
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 First Year 7 netball practice of the year! 🏐
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 One of our year 10s taking charge of the end of lesson product of primes quiz today!
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 A fantastic turn out for the first Year 7 football session of the year. Great attitude and ability on display despite the hot weather. Next session: Monday after school ⚽️
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 Extremely proud of my son Andrew got into with 4 A* to read Chemistry Thank you for their support and guidance throughout his 7 years at this excellent school!#GoingToOxford
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 Good luck to all Chancellor's Year 13 students receiving A Level results today!The school will be open from 8:00 this morning for the issuing of results and the Sixth Form Team will be present if students need support or guidance.
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 Some photos from the Jubilee Academy where we've been helping for the last 2 weeks
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 The group had a brilliant time at the giraffe sanctuary. Currently at a mall and having some food before our flight home.
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 We have landed in Frankfurt. The next flight is at 9! Will let you all know when we are through security at Heathrow.
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 We are leaving the hotel now! This trip has been one to remember! I hope the students have enjoyed it. I will update everyone on progress to the airport throughout the day!
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 Day 9 Cherish: another emotional goodbye today. Home visits took place at Cherish today and the students gave out lollies to all the kids!
  • 01:00 am - 1st January, 1970 Day 9 West End Destiny: there were many tears at this school today. Not just from our students but also from the students in the school. Just shows how much of an impact we have had.