The Sixth Form Team provide a range of resources and extensive guidance to our Sixth Form students in planning for their next steps when they leave Chancellor’s School. Most students choose to go on to study at university, but an increasing number opt to undertake apprenticeship, and some enter the world of work. Whichever path students choose, there is support available to them throughout the process, in order for them to build a strong application for wherever they choose to go next.


John Whitelock (Head of Sixth Form) – (01707 650702 Ext 246)

Jack Pearce (Deputy Head of Sixth Form) –

Some useful links: - All students have a Unifrog account, which is a website the students should use to research, prepare and record all their activity in relation to the next steps in careers/study. It has a vast amount of information about universities, apprenticeships, careers and how to build strong applications.  Future Learn partners with over 170 world-class universities, institutions and industry leaders to create world-class courses to help you with your career. On this course, learners will identify their strengths and learn how to use their time at university to explore career options and prepare for future job roles. It will help anyone unsure whether university is right for them to identify how to make the most of a degree to better their employability after graduation.

The Aspire Guide - a 64-page guide providing in-depth information on different career pathways, university, apprenticeships, further education, gap years and more. Aspire aims to showcase the wide range of university, career and further education options that are available to Sixth Form students. With in-depth advice on different career sectors, their average earning potential and what qualifications are needed for these roles, Aspire was designed to help students make more informed decisions about their future.

UCAS and universities:

University - University research tool and applications - Top 24 Universities in the UK - Student Finance information - Calendar of university open days

Apprenticeships: - Apprenticeship information and talks

Parent Guide to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship information for parents

General: - Careers information and research tool - next steps options other than university - jobs for people after they leave school - general career advice and information

Work experience:

Chancellor's  School Sixth Form Futures Programme

Employment and other opportunities in Hertordshire

Year 12 Work Experience (4th to 8th July 2022)

Following the disruption caused to working practices by the pandemic, we are pleased to announce that we are giving Year 12 the opportunity to undertake work experience this year. This is a valuable opportunity for all students, but particularly important for the current Year 12 cohort, as they missed the opportunity to have a work experience placement in Year 10. It is the student’s responsibility to find a suitable placement for themselves for the week of 4th July 2022, which will be beneficial in helping the student with their future career options.

All students are excepted to undertake work experience. Further guidance and support will be provided in school, but students are also invited to contact their Futures Mentor or any member of the Sixth Form Team for advice and guidance.

You can find a template of a letter (see the link below) that could be used to approach a business or a place of work. There is also a link below with some guidance about how to go about getting the most out of work experience.

When you have secured a work experience placement, you must inform your Form Tutor and your Futures Mentor and fill in the short form at the link below.

CLICK HERE to submit details of your confirmed work experience placement

Work experience template letter/email

How to find work experience

Writing a CV