House System

The house system plays a main role in life at Chancellor's and encourages staff and student participation in extra-curricular events and competitions. The houses are named after historical Lord Chancellors. The chosen houses were: Arundel, Becket, Hailsham, More, Somers and Wolsey and more recently Yorke. As we have welcomed 30 additional students into Year 7 and now Year 8, they have formed Yorke House. Yorke will continue to grow every year.

The students, with the help of the art department, then designed the house symbols using the family coat of arms from each of the 6 Lord Chancellors and we held a student wide competition to design the Yorke symbol. Each form group belongs to a house and each student gains house points, which contribute to their house total. The updated running totals are published every month in the newsletter and the house with the most points at the end of the academic year wins the house cup.

The Houses are headed by Teacher Heads of House, Year 13 Sixth Form Prefects and Year 12 Assistant Heads of House, who, working with their year 7 to 11 House Form Representatives, keep all students informed of house events and support their houses in all areas of these competitions.

Assemblies are run by these Heads of Houses to help the House keep up to date with competitions and their points total. The House system is also used as a student voice vehicle.









  Arundel  Becket  Hailsham More Somers Wolsey  Yorke 

Teacher HoH 

Mr Kerswill 

Mr Baker 

Mr Zapata 

Miss Rodney 

Mr McGowan 

Mr Walsh 

Miss Goldberg 


Chloe L 

Millie N 

Amy O 

Millie M 

Ellie R 

Alice A 

Rachel T 

SLT Link 

Mrs Goodman 

Mr Huddleston 

Miss Reilly 

Mr Price 

Mrs Antwi 

Mrs Grant 

Mr Croston 

Y7 FT 

Miss Bill 

Mr Hawkes 

Miss Cazeau 

Mr Iftikhar 

Miss Camp 

Mr Festa 

Miss Karim 

Y8 FT 

Miss Hutson 

Mr Waldron 

Mr Godwin 

Mrs Cragg 

Mr Starling 

Mr Doodson 

Miss Goldberg 

Y9 FT 

Mr Kerswill 

Miss Thomas 

Mrs Pugh 

Miss Munroe 

Mr Whipp 

Miss Douglass 


Y10 FT 

Mrs Amato 

Mr Allan 

Mr Zapata 

Miss Rodney 

Mr McGowan 

Mr Ahmed 

Y11 FT 

Mr Holliday 

Miss Harris 

Mrs Shum 

Miss Perryman 

Miss Curran 

Mr Field