Support Staff

Staff email addresses are in the following format:
The headteacher may be contacted via:


Mrs C Jeffery (Administrative Assistant)
Mrs S Morris (Headteacher’s PA)
Mrs A Moruzzi (Sixth Form Administrator)
Mrs K Rockcliffe (HR Coordinator)
Mrs S Selby (SEN Administrator)
Miss A Thompson (Resources, Communications & Marketing Officer)
Mrs B Titchmarsh (Medical/Administrative Assistant)
Mrs M Tsekouras (Administrator to the Senior Leadership Team)
Mrs L Tyler (Administrative Assistant)


Mrs O Lines (Finance and Administrative Assistant)

Mrs A Williams (Finance and Administrative Assistant)


Careers and Work Experience

Mrs R Woodcock

Cover Supervisors

Miss S Grant (Senior Cover Supervisor)
Mrs C Danci
Mrs V Trifan


Academic and Data Manager

Mrs L Lavender - BSc Hons (Lancaster)

Examination Officer

Mrs A Semakula


Mrs J Davenport-Pleasance - BEd Hons (Middlesex Polytechnic)


Miss C Hills (Pastoral Assistant)
Mrs J Makin (Pastoral Assistant)
Mrs G Sharkey (Attendance/Pastoral Assistant)
Mrs P Smith (Pastoral Assistant)
Mr D Toye (Pastoral Assistant)

Learning Support

Mrs L Cheng 
Miss M Leonard - BSc Hons (Westminster)
Miss O Milner
Miss L Moore 
Mrs A Myers - BA Hons (Bristol) PGCE (Cambridge)
Mrs L Scrivener - BA Hons MA
Mrs S Takhar Jones
Mrs R Tsirmirakis
Miss S Whitaker 

School Counsellor


Site Team

Mr K House (Site Manager)
Mr A Savvas  (Site Assistant)
Mr D Tourlamain (Deputy Site Manager)



Mrs J Chaney (Food Technician)
Mr L Chisnall (IT Technician)
Mrs L Clark (Food Technician)
Mr J Forbes (D & T Technician)
Mrs L Hill (Art Technician)
Mrs J Hogg (Science Technician) - MA (Cantab)
Dr A Kilgour (Science Technician) - PhD (York)
Mr D Kravcuk (Network Manager) - BSc Hons, MSc (Hertfordshire)
Mrs A McAdam (Science Technician) - BEd
Mrs S Morgan (Science Technician) - BSc Hons
Ms I Romanovska (Food Technician)
Mr J Stubbs (Science Technician)
Mr S Wisniewski (Senior IT Technician)