Our Vision

The vision of Chancellor’s School is

The relentless pursuit of excellence balanced by self-responsibility, compassion and concern
for others.

Chancellor’s is based on and is proud of a strong partnership between students, parents, staff and governors.
Our vision is to create an outstanding school, which is a national centre of educational excellence, outward looking and focused on continual improvement.

We aim to achieve this by

  • Nurturing the growth of creative, lively and enquiring minds through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, designed to inspire, challenge and motivate pupils to learn, aspire for excellence and to think critically and independently.
  • Insisting on the highest standards of behaviour, founded on personal responsibility and self-discipline, combined with genuine concern and compassion for others. We value every student as a unique individual and ensure that all relationships are based on mutual respect.
  • Offering a wide range of high-quality extra-curricular activities through which students develop self-esteem, confidence, a sense of teamwork and competition as well as enjoying their cultural and sporting interests for their own growth and enjoyment.
  • Providing outstanding pastoral care that means all students receive carefully considered advice and guidance at every stage of their school career, responding to their individual needs and choices so that they are ready to embrace life beyond school.
  • Developing a strong partnership between the family and the school, which is central to providing a solid foundation from which students can flourish.
  • Providing leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the school so that students are able to make positive contributions to society, instilling important British values, pride and a wider sense of their responsibility to society.
  • Maintaining an outstanding team of well qualified, dedicated and professional staff, who are committed to professional development and focused on delivering a teaching and learning experience of the highest quality that fosters an ongoing curiosity and desire to learn in students.
  • Working in regional, national and global partnerships to provide exciting opportunities for members of the school community.


Our school motto is central to everything we do at Chancellor’s:

  • We want students to ACHIEVE their full potential - both academically as well as in their extra-curricular activities.
  • We want students to ENJOY their school life – to feel fulfilled in their work and to have mutually beneficial interactions with other students, staff and the wider Chancellor’s community. 
  • We want our students to EXCEL in every aspect of their education - meeting and often exceeding expectations so that they are ready for life after school.