Severe Weather

In the case that it is not possible to open the school because of severe weather, the headteacher will make a decision about the school closure based upon local conditions, a risk assessment and Local Authority guidance.

If the headteacher takes a decision to close, the information will be posted as soon as possible

  • On the school website.
  • Parents will be contacted by sms. (Please Note: You do not have to respond to any text messages you receive.)
  • The closure will also be reported on and will be broadcast on BBC Three Counties Radio, 103.8FM.

Our experience last year was that so many schools and families were trying to access various websites and communication systems that there were serious delays. Please be patient and keep trying.

Just as the headteacher will have to make a judgement on whether to close the school or not, parents will have to make a judgement on the safety or otherwise, of children travelling to school.

Notification System

In order to ensure parents and carers are informed as quickly as possible of anything that may have an impact on a normal school day, this notification system has been put in place by Hertfordshire County Council to enable messages from schools to be sent immediately via text message, email and a voice message (if required).

Please take 5 minutes to register your details for any Hertfordshire school your child attends so that you can receive immediate information and updates. Hertfordshire County Council - Schools - Sign In (

Please note that the school will continue to use PARS (school emails) to communicate with parents as well as send notifications via the Hertfordshire Everbridge system should the school have to close or partially close due to severe weather or a public emergency.