Librarians - Mrs Davenport and Mrs Hartley

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (8am – 3.55pm)

Our library is centrally located within the school in F Block.

Our aim is to promote a love of reading and to provide a facility to encourage lifelong learning for all students.

Students can borrow up to 4 books at a time, for a period of 3 weeks. We have over 8000 books in our library which consists of a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction to suit all abilities and tastes. We also have subscriptions to First News and periodicals such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics Review​, Geography Review, and Economic Review. Students have access to over a thousand books through ePlatform, our online e-book resource.  

Library staff welcome recommendations of books from students and they purchase resources regularly to ensure all students have an up to date and wide choice available.

Students are welcome to use one of the 16 library computers and the other facilities during break and lunch times.

Before and after school the library is open for students to work quietly, read, print homework, and use the computers for school/homework. It is a working environment to be used only for these purposes.

No food or drink is allowed in the library.

Social Media

We are on both Twitter and Instagram! Follow us for book related fun and info:

X/Twitter:  @ChancellorsLib1

Instagram: @chancellors_library

Book Club

Our book club ‘Book Worms’ enjoy a lunch time session every week where we eat together and discuss books we are reading, shadow book awards and anything else book related. ​Students can talk to the librarians if they are interested in joining.


We use a library system called Accessit. Students can log into Accessit on the school computers and from home via the student intranet which allows them to browse the library catalogue. They can see the books they have out currently and past loans. They can also submit book reviews or reserve books. To log in students use their normal school login details.


Staff can book the library and computer resources for class use when required.

Year 7 & 8 classes have a structured library session once a fortnight as part of their English lessons. During this time students read, practice library skills and participate in a range of book related activities. Students are expected to have their reading book in school every day.

Year 9 & 10 English groups attend the library once each half term to participate in silent reading time.

Student librarians

The smooth running of the library is greatly helped by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated student librarians whose responsibilities range from helping manage the issue desk to shelving books and helping organise book events. Student librarians are recruited following an applications and interview process.

Students in Year 8 & above are encouraged to apply (please ask library staff for an application form).

Stationery for sale

There is a range of stationery for sale in the library at a very competitive price.

Borrowing policy

The return date is stamped inside each book; therefore, students are expected to return or renew their books on time. Should a book become overdue an email reminder is sent and a B1 issued for each week it remains overdue. After 15 days overdue a B2 is issued and a parent/carer email is sent. While students have an overdue book, they are unable to borrow another resource (however we will always ensure they have something to read in their English lesson). If a message is sent to the student to attend the library to discuss the situation, students are expected to attend, unless a valid reason is given.

If a book is lost/damaged there are three ways in which it can be replaced:

1.    A good, useable replacement copy can be purchased and handed to the library

2.    £10 cash can be brought to the library to cover the cost of ordering and delivering of the replacement (a receipt will be given)

3.    A £10 per book payment can be made on the internet payment page on the school website

If the library book is later found and is still in a good condition, the payment or replacement book will be returned to the student.