Red Box Project

Red box

Chancellor’s has joined the fight to end ‘period poverty’ for schoolgirls. Figures show that 48 per cent of UK girls struggle to pay for their sanitary products and so Chancellor’s has teamed up with The Red Box Project; an initiative that quietly ensures that no young woman misses out on her education because of her period.

The Red Box Project is a volunteer initiative providing boxes with sanitary products. This project working with Chancellor’s will ensure that no young woman misses school or suffers embarrassment when they have their period because they cannot afford the necessary products.

Chancellor’s is supporting our disadvantaged young women throughout their period. It gives young women in need - whether for financial or social reasons - the reassurance of enough sanitary protection for their entire period. This is what makes it special.

The Red Box Project sponsors the red boxes (we have 2 at the moment with a further on the way), filled with sanitary products, spare pants etc. The boxes will be kept with the Pastoral Offices, all girls toilets, Reception and in the Girls PE Changing Room Office. Posters are placed in the Staff Room, Reception Office and in the Pastoral Offices and an alternative poster will be on the back of each cubicle door in the girls' toilets to encourage any student in need of sanitary items to ask for the red box and take what she needs. This will eliminate tearful panics in the loo, anxious embarrassment, missed lessons or staying home.

We want to help any young woman with one or two sanitary items in an emergency, however, the real aim of this project - and the full packs in the boxes - is for those girls who are in greatest need of support through their entire period.

This is a very simple, no frills project and is entirely funded by community kindness, woman to young woman.

We should all be very proud to be part of the Project and we would like to thank you in advance for your support.