Proposed Admissions Policy and Determined Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024

Chancellor’s School 2023-2024 Admissions Consultation 

As you may well be aware, Chancellor’s increased its Published Admission Number (PAN) to 210 for Year 7 admissions in 2019-2020, and introduced a new Criterion 5 – 25 Hatfield Parish places which was reduced to 20 places in 2021-2022. The Hatfield Criterion was introduced at the request of Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) and their need to accommodate the forecast shortfall of secondary school places in the Hatfield area. Recent demographic data suggests that this shortfall is no longer an issue and that the shortfall has been addressed by HCC with the existing number of school places at more local schools within the Hatfield Area. 

Chancellor’s School, in liaison with Hertfordshire County Council, is proposing the following changes to its admission criteria for Secondary Transfer Admissions from Sept 2023: 

 2.2 Section 2 – Over Subscription Criteria: Criterion 5 – Hatfield Random - This criterion will be removed. Our over subscription criteria will be: 

  1. Children Looked After 
  2. Sibling 
  3. Staff 
  4. Music Aptitude 
  5. Feeder School 
  6. Distance 

2.6 Section 6 – Children seeking admission outside their chronological year group. A statement will be added to the arrangements on the treatment of Summer Born children:  

Students will be admitted to the school in Year 7 at the age of 11 irrespective of physical or academic ability, or age 12 if they are summer born children where a family chose to delay their entry to Reception by an academic year. It is the school’s policy for children to be educated within their correct chronological year group as far as possible, with the curriculum differentiated as necessary to meet the needs of individual children. This is in line with DfE guidance which states that “in general, children should be educated in their normal age group”. 

Note h – Clarification on the definition of Home Address 

Should you wish to discuss the proposed admissions arrangements for 2023-2024, please contact the school directly at as soon as possible. The consultation period closes on 6 January 2022. 


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