Year 7 - FAQs

What is Insight and why do I need it?

Insight is an online portal that the school uses as a tool to communicate with you. Using Insight, parents, carers and students can view most school communications, reward points, behaviour incidents, attendance, and personal school reports when they are issued. It is also currently used to book appointments for Parents’ Evenings.

It is vital to have an Insight log-on, as this is the method to receive most communications from the school. If you have not yet registered, please go to click on ‘don’t know your password?’, and enter the email address that you have given as a contact to the school. You will then receive an automated email with further instructions. If it does not arrive, please check your spam and junk folders. If you need any further support, please contact . If you have any other specific issues with Insight, please also contact IT support.

What is Parentpay and why do I need it?

ParentPay is a cashless payment system. It allows you to pay for all school activities and resources as well as top up your child’s lunch money account. For more details, please visit If you have not got your activation code this can be resent by contacting

What is Satchel 1 and why do I need it?

This is a homework program that has been used by the school for a number of years. It lists all homework in chronological order. All homework should be visible on this portal, and it is likely to be duplicated on Google Classroom. Parents and students can see all the homework set and due dates. It can be used as a desktop program as well as a device app.

Some classwork has also been shared via this portal in recent times if large numbers of students are not in a lesson. If students have been is school, they will not need to act on work set as ‘classwork’. As an aside, staff in school often call Satchel One ‘Show My Homework’ (SMHW) as this is the old name for it.

There is no need to buy any of the add-on programs for Satchel unless you have a particular desire to do so.

Again, you should have received a logon code in the first couple of days at school. If you need this re-issued, please contact


How does the school use Google Classroom?

This program is relatively new to the school and has been introduced as a direct result of the increased functionality demanded by the pandemic. We are still developing the most effective ways to use this new platform but it is proving increasingly useful. As students tend to prefer Satchel and staff tend to prefer Google Classroom, we are currently trying to duplicate homework on both platforms whilst students become familiar with the new system.

How does the Rewards and sanctions system work?

Rewards and sanctions can be issued in each lesson as required by all staff. You can review your child’s reward and behaviour points on the Insight app.

As a generalised but not exhaustive guide, the following are descriptions of the system, although staff can add additional details on a specific entry to the app

Reward Code



Showing enthusiasm/working well


Good work/good attitude to learning


Excellent or sustained work/ attitude to learning


Headteacher’s commendation


Consistent high standards of behaviour


Going above and beyond expectations


Behaviour Code


Typical sanction


Late/chatting/lack of equipment

Verbal warning


Repeated B1 offence or disruption



Repeated B2 offence/ Rudeness/littering/ persistent defiance including uniform/use of phone

After school detention


Repeated B3 offence/Bullying/Truancy/ Vandalism/Other serious offences

SLT Detention


Serious/persistent breaches of school policy

Internal Exclusion


Violent or highly antisocial behaviour

Fixed term exclusion


Repeated B4 – 6 behaviours/Drugs/weapons

Permanent exclusion

Reporting and Feedback

You will receive 5 sets of formal home-school contact this year and 4 in each subsequent year.

The first will be an online virtual meeting with your child’s tutor on 4th November. At this meeting, you can raise any concerns you have and hear how your child is progressing at the school.

You will also receive 3 termly reports. All of these reports will give you information on your child’s progress as well as their attitude to learning. The final report of the year gives staff a chance to make an optional comment if they are particularly impressed with or concerned by your child’s learning. Dates for these reports are available on the school calendar on the website.

Parents’ Evening for Year 7 is held annually in the summer term. You will have the opportunity to select particular subject staff to talk to at this event. Traditionally the Insight app is used to book these appointments, but we are in the process of reviewing this booking system. We will update you if any changes are made to this system. It is likely that Parent’s Evenings will remain virtual this year as parents of previous year groups found this more convenient.

In addition, between these events, should staff need to contact you individually they may do this by phone or email. Please ensure any changes to your contact details are shared with the school immediately.

Assessment at Chancellor’s

We believe that good assessment derives from scrupulous attention to individual children’s progress and aims to maximise achievement for all our students regardless of their starting point.

We feel that good quality assessment, tracking and reporting impacts on students’ attitudes to learning and attainment and so we challenge students to work hard and encourage teachers to focus on how to improve the learning of individual students.

We do use estimates of future performance for students for our tracking purposes (usually based on KS2 results, but this year the results of the CATs tests have been used.) These estimates are challenging but achievable. There are always limitations with data and the accuracy of the predictions will vary from child to child. Therefore, we do not usually share these estimates with the children, as there is evidence that they tend to stop trying if they feel they have achieved their ‘target’, but we report to you how close they are to their personalised estimates for future performance with a current working level and a progress comment.

There will be a short video presentation issued to all Year 7 parents later this term that explains assessment at Chancellor’s in more detail before the first report is issued.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

Enquiry type


All general for example a closure time or injection details or if you are unsure who to contact and want your enquiry to be forwarded to the correct person

A question regarding finance

Special Educational Needs concerns

There is additional information on SEN on the school website regarding Special Educational Needs under the curriculum tab. If the information you need is not here please contact

A low level concern about your child, for example, they have fallen out with a friend, you have a family issue that the school needs to know or a homework completion problem.

Form Tutor

7A –

7B –

7H -

7M –

7S –

7W –

7Y -

A serious bullying or social media issue

Head of Year –

Serious safeguarding concern

Subject specific enquiries

Classroom Teacher or Head of Subject.

School emails all take the same format

Staff names are all available on the school website under the ‘about us’ tab and you can see who teaches your child on Satchel and Insight

Students are also welcome and encouraged to email their teachers directly if necessary.

Teachers and support staff will always aim to respond to a contact within 48 hours during term time. However, our staff are not expected to respond to requests in the evenings, at weekends or during school holidays unless it is an emergency such as a child protection issue or a bereavement. Please also note that if a member of staff is part-time, a response may take a little longer. Please also remember that teachers are extremely busy planning, teaching, checking books, marking, etc. and this should be their priority. 

How can I support my child?

There are many ways you can support your child when they start at secondary school. The support they need depends very much on your child but they may need help with organisation and packing their bag or making sure homework is done on the set night where possible. Please also reinforce the schools sanctions and rewards by showing your child you are aware of them and discussing them with them regularly. It will also help your child for you to be aware of the contents of school communications, in particular, the Friday Bulletin and the Headteacher’s letter (both issued via Insight each Friday.) Most importantly, we would ask that you discuss your child’s school life with them regularly and notify the appropriate person if you have any concerns. Further details of how to support your child can be found at

Where can I find details of extracurricular activities?

All regular extracurricular activities are listed on the school website under the ‘School Life’ tab. For PE where regular updates are required for fixtures and practices, please follow the PE twitter feed. PEDept@chancellorsPE

Where can my child get ICT/printing access outside of lessons?

Students can access a printer in the Library from 8am each morning. In addition, Year 7 have library access at Monday break and lunchtime and Thursday break time. From 3.10 until 3.55pm every day the library is also open for students to access printing. However, we encourage students to be mindful of the environment and to only print if it is essential.

Is there Homework support offered?

From 3.15pm until 3.55pm every day the library is also open for students to get homework support in our homework club.

What if my child has a problem with their locker?

Your child should ask at reception and the reception staff will contact a member of the site team. The site team will usually resolve the issue immediately but this is not always possible if they are heavily committed elsewhere in the school. Staff will understand on the very rare occasion that a locker is faulty and your child cannot access the equipment they need.

What equipment is needed and when?

All equipment required for specific lessons is listed on the school website. For PE lessons, girls PE kit is consistent for all sports but boys will be told in their first PE lesson which kit to bring for each lesson of the week. When sports change, the kit needed will also change, but students will be told about this in advance.

What does the canteen at Chancellor’s offer students?

Students are offered a variety of choices aimed at a healthy balanced diet. There is always a meal of the day option but students can also chose form a selection of sandwiches and pasta dishes. We are in the process of updating our school website to add a sample menu and price list, but in the short term images of some of the food the canteen regularly serves is shown at School Life/School Meals