Year 6 - 7 Transition 2023/24

If your application to this school has been successful, and you have been allocated Chancellor's School:

You should have received an email from the school outlining the transition process.

We ask that you accept or decline your place as soon as possible or by 15th March at the latest with your local authority, please do not email us to accept the place.

If you have not been successful in your application to this school:

Continuing Interest

Following National Allocation Day, all applicants who listed Chancellor's School higher than the school they have been allocated will automatically be rolled onto the continuing interest list. Please inform the the Local Authority if you do not wish to remain on the list.

You will not remain on this school's continuing interest list if you have been allocated a school you ranked higher than this school.

First Round of Continuing Interest

Applicants allocated a different school at this time will be contacted by the Local Authority between 20 -24 March. If you do not get a higher preference school allocated you will again remain on the continued interest lists for all your higher preference schools.

Second (and final) Round of Continuing Interest

If you are allocated a different school you will be contacted by the Local Authority between 24 - 28 April 2023. If further vacancies occur they will be filled as they occur from the continuing interest list. The continuing interest list will continue until the 21 July 2023 at which time if applicants wish to remain on the list they will need to complete an in-year application form.  

It is worth noting that the school receives few withdrawals at this stage and it is therefore important that you make alternative arrangements for your child by accepting a place at another secondary school. There is no statistical analysis, from one year to the next, as to how many places will be accepted or declined by applicants. 

For information on appeals, please see our Appeals Page.