Year 12 Transition 2024

An important part of the transition from Year 11 GCSEs to Year 12 A-Level is the transition work that students will need to complete for each of their chosen subjects.  The transition work that we receive from you helps us to gain a better understanding of your capability and suitability for A-Levels.

Below is a series of documents for each subject that outlines the work that will need to be completed over the summer break.  If you are certain of the subjects you wish to study, then you only need to complete the work for those subjects. However, if you are still deciding between a couple of subjects, we recommend that you complete the work for all subjects you are considering.  This not only helps us to decide your suitability for the course, but will also help you to decide on your subject preferences. 

Please read through each document carefully and note any deadlines. If you have any questions then please contact the relevant subject teacher (you can find the details on the Induction Letter which was sent to you). Note that most of the work will need to be completed before the first day of school in September.