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Sports Relief
March 26, 2014
By Rifat Alam, Sixth Form Student
On Friday 21st March 2014 Chancellor's School participated in Sports Relief day where the students dressed up as sports people for a small donation of £2 to the charity. Read More
Trussell Trust Foodbank - Feeding Thy Neighbour
March 26, 2014
By Mr D. Hopkin, Assistant Headteacher
Chancellor's School has just begun a foodbank collection drive. This initiative has been launched in assemblies, highlighting the need for food donations to help those in our local community. Read More
Year 7 Rugby team win the Herts Trophy tournament
March 21, 2014
By Mr P Hobbs
Our victorious Year 7 Rugby team won the Herts Trophy tournament on Friday 21st March with some excellent rugby and should be commended on their teamwork and dedication. All in the squad played their part in beating some high quality opponents. Read More
Year 9 Rhineland Trip
March 20, 2014
By Mr Sylvester
The German trip has arrived safely in Boppard. Both pupils and teachers are having a wonderful time. Today we are enjoying the 25 degree sunshine in Rudesheim, a picturesque village on the banks of the Rhine. Read More

What's on

Yr12 Drama Exam Public Performance
Year 12 examined performance will be on Thursday 1st May at 6pm in H56. There will be two performances in front of an examiner.Please contact Miss S Pemberton if you wish to attend (Contact details here). All are welcome.
Yr11 Drama Exam Public Performance
Year 11 public performance of exam material will be on Friday 2nd May at 5pm in H56. This will be the dress rehearsal in preparation for the exam on 7th May.
Please contact Miss S Pemberton if you wish to attend (Contact details here). All are welcome.