Chancellor's News

Sixth Form Basketball
February 20, 2017
By I Naran, Year 12 Student
On Wednesday 8th February, a sixth form mini basketball tournament took place during the lunch hour to raise money for the Leavers’ Ball 2017.

It was a very enjoyable event and sixth form students from both years 12 and 13 participated, with over 30 students made up of 6 different teams. There were also a lot of the Sixth Form who weren't specifically playing in the tournament, but came along to support their friends and classmates who took part. Multiple games were played in the tournament, and the amount of wins were tallied for each game. Congratulations Essy Mashinchy’s team for finishing the tournament with 4 wins.

Overall the event was a fun event to take part in; we'd also like to say thank you for those who turned up and supported and took place in the event.