Route 398 from Borehamwood, South Mimms and Potters Bar

There are two buses each way between Potters Bar and the school one operating via Tescos and the High Street and the other via the Railway Station, Darkes Lane and Church Road. The latter also connects the school with South Mimms and Borehamwood.


842 from Hatfield

South Mimms Travel will continue to operate the 842 service from Hatfield.

Prices from Birchwood, Hatfield & Colney Heath are £5.00 daily (£2.50 single fare)

Prices from Welham Green & Bell Bar are £4.00 daily (£2.00 single fare)


E341 from Northaw

The E341 service covering Northaw, Newgate Street, Epping Green, Little Berkhamsted & Essendon is available only for those students with statutory entitlement based on distance from the School. Parents/Carers of students from these areas will need to contact Hertfordshire County Council to check their eligibility.

GB4 A & GB4 B