About the Library

Head Librarian: Mrs Davenport

Library Assistants: Mrs Stripe, Mrs Bungey and Miss Rockliffe

Our library is centrally located within the school, in F Block. We are open from 8.30am – 3.30pm most days, including at break at lunch times (with the exception of book club at Friday lunch time).

Students are able to borrow up to 4 books at a time, for a period of 3 weeks. There are a wide selection of fiction books within the library to suit all abilities and tastes. There are non- fiction books available to borrow too. Students are welcome to use one of the 16  library computers or other facilities during break and lunch times. After school the library is open for students  to work quietly, read, print out homework, and use the computers for school/homework. It is a working environment to be used only for these purposes.


Staff are able to book the library and computer resources for class use when required.

Year 7 and 8 classes have a structured library session once a fortnight as part of their English lessons. During this time students read, practice library skills and participate in a range of book and reading related activities.

At Chancellor’s we use a computer programme called Accelerated Reader (AR) with English classes in year 7 and 8. We are very keen that all of our students’ progress well in reading as this is such a vital core skill for educational success. We monitor every child’s progress individually during their library lesson and set a new target for reading each fortnight. Use the link below for information on AR for parents.

Using AR, we assess student’s reading level at the beginning of every term. We use the results to assign students a colour spot that they use as a guide to choose books on our shelves that are most appropriate for them to read without frustration.

We are happy for students to read books from home. Using AR book finder, they can check whether books from home are registered on the AR system. For their library lessons, students are required to read books that are registered on the AR system so that we can efficiently measure their reading comprehension and progress.

Students can tell us any time they find a book that does not have an AR quiz and we will formally request that the company develops one.

See http://www.arbookfind.co.uk to find out if your books have an AR quiz.

When students finish a book they complete an online quiz that assesses memory and comprehension of book details. At Chancellor’s, we consider a score of 80% on a book quiz to be a pass. We offer a range of incentives and rewards for students achieving their AR targets and performing well on book quizzes.

Our fiction books have been classified using Accelerated Reader to enable students to easily identify appropriate books for their reading level. Some of our non-fiction books have also been categorised using Accelerated Reader and have reading quizzes.

Student Librarians

The smooth running of the library is greatly helped by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated student librarians, whose responsibilities range from helping manage the issue desk to shelving books and helping organise book events. Student librarians are chosen following an application and interview process. Please ask a librarian for an application from if you would like to apply to be a student librarian.

Stationery for Sale

There is a range of stationery for sale in the library at a very competitive price.

Books and DVDs for Sale

There are second hand books and DVDs for sale.