Examination Boards and Certifications

We are currently approved as a centre for four examination boards:

This means that we have access to any of the courses run by these boards and the associated assessments – usually examinations. Departments choose the courses they wish to follow and most choose courses from the first three in the list.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

Courses leading to GCSE exams began for all pupils during the last term of Year 9. All pupils sit GCSE exams at the end of Year 11. Most pupils will have the opportunity to complete one or two GCSEs during Year 10. There are “re-sit” courses in Year 12.

General Certificate of Education

'A' levels are taught over 2 years and most are examined in the final year. In Year 13 most students specialise in 3 subjects.

The Examinations Department

Exams at Chancellor's are managed by Mrs Jennifer Cameron. Please contact her in the first instance on any exam matters. Subject specific queries should be directed to teaching staff.

Examination Information 2016 - 2017

GCSE Exam Guidance Booklet 2016-2017

GCSE Exam Timetable

A Level Exam Timetable

Examination Results 2017

Summer 2017 series Results:

GCE Level Results: Thursday 17th August 2017
GCSE Results: Thursday 24th August 2017

08:30 - 09:30 in the Hall (School is open until 15:00).

Postage of results: Candidates wishing their exam results to be posted to their home or other address must provide the Exams Officer with a stamped self addressed envelope before Monday 17th July 2017.

Collection of results by a nominated person:  If you wish someone else to collect your summer results, you must provide written consent in advance to the Exams Officer stating who will be collecting your results, even if it is a relative. They will have to provide ID when they come to the School to collect them.

The Exams Officer and teaching staff will be available on results days for further information and advice.   

If you require a remark/clerical check or you wish to have your script returned, please use the form below.  You must sign and submit the consent form to get a remark/clerical check.  Pay attention to the deadlines for each service available.

Exam Resits

Students may resit GCSE Maths and English Language in November 2016. The deadline for entries is Tuesday 27th September. The application form is attached here.

Please speak to the Exams Officer if you wish to resit GCE units in Summer 2017; deadline for entries is 1st February 2017.

Students may be able to resit GCSE English or Maths units in Summer 2017. The deadline for entry forms and online payments is Thursday 19th January 2017. Please see the Exams Officer for an entry form.